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Post  whirlwind180 on Thu Jul 05, 2012 1:48 am

that was an interesting night i tried to let the commitee know about something i read on the internet and i was threatened by the chairman .his exact words were you better be careful. also at the end of the night i tried to help him .i said if your son puts something on the forum which is coming from you surelly it might be better if he signed it dave to which he answered it is his web site he can do what he wants.i thought it was the leagues web site. when he said you better be careful i take it that means he must be threatening me with being able to play in the league .if this happens i hope people will support me as i was only trying to offer my advise.i would also like to ask why did dave get so irrate when the brewery tap was mentioned.i would like to know if cash prizes was voted on as i may have been outside.i would also like to point out that most of the people did not understand the best of five question as it was not explained properlly even the women voted but it will not affect them it was only for the top section mens league.i have just looked ay next years rules.rule 1 d i was under the impression that this was changed i thought we agreed that letters were sent out to members that could not attend to vote by proxy.oh yes just jn case people were not listening the old chairman stated that you are not a member of the league if your landlord paid your 4 pounds do you all think that is right.and so the only members of the league are the landlords or individuals who have paid there own unbelievable.


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