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Post  whirlwind180 on Wed Jun 20, 2012 11:41 pm

the only person who does not see it this way is you mystery .you are just trying to cause problems it will not work.oh yes and if you were any good at darts you would know who i am as all the top players know who i am.you are obviouslyoneof those immature idiots who relate eveything to fighting grow up .you twat this is not about you.we are trying to be constructive to help the commitee and the abingdon dart league.just to remind you the league and comps have gone on for ten months you must think this is ok then all the money making play offs have been at the tap with nothing given back to the league.i have never played in a league that has lasted so long this needs to be rectified but as you said the commitee are doing a great job if you actually read things the reason was down to bank holidays i thought we had bank holidays every year.


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