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Post  whirlwind180 on Sun Jun 17, 2012 3:28 am

greg have you looked at my messages and whatis your opinion about putting new rules in for next year before an agm.also be brave and let us know why the tap get all the big money making nights .also we think that dave has a personal vendetta against howard and this has to stop .all the players and landlords i have spoken to have no problem with him.the reason i am telling you this is that it is affecting other players this is not right.i think in general you run the league very well but i would like to know why the tap are making most out of the league other teams have two or three teams in the league.the pub is too small firstly on monday you will have 40 men in there .then the following week you will have 32 players in there .how can you say that is fare it makes people wonder what is going on .is it because dave plays there this is not right


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