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In reply to committee

Post  H CANNON on Fri Jun 15, 2012 6:04 am

I have read what you have put on the web Sharon im sorry to here you were phoned 25 times i know that i phoned Chris a few times because the chairman would not answer my calls.Who should we have phoned you and Chris are on the committee, the reason you and Chris were called was because we thought that you would'nt hid behind the rules and at least give us a chance to put over our side. Not like the chairman & vice chairman did. I think Chris was going on holiday that week, hence the phone calls .I feel that we should of had a meeting at least to sort this out .And i have read what 171out has said and must agree with him that an appeal system should be in place as there isn't at this time.And i still say that the chairman & vice chairman used these rules for their own ends know one can tell me any different.If you speak to other people they think this to,we had no verbal warning no written warning just the two letters.You say that as a committee the final decision was made by us all well i think you were all wrong, in the letter Sharon it states that all future contact be directed solely to the league chairman maybe this is why you are avoided. I'll get off my soap box now. Shocked Shocked Shocked Mad Mad Mad



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