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Post  whirlwind180 on Fri Jun 15, 2012 5:49 am

it is quite worrying that the chairman does not care enough to answer any one .why is this he should be defending his decisions. but the truth is he favours the brewery tap that is a fact .this is why we should have a non playing chairman .or woman i would appreciate some feedback from dart players this is your league not the commitees.the commitee seem to do what they want when they want this is wrong .whenever someone questions what they are doing they get banned .they should be voted in as responsible adults not immature people who hold a grudge .this does not refer to all the commitee members.you know who you are . i would like to point out on the play off nights .the pub in question will take over 1000 pounds and there generosity came down to a teeshirt that didnt fit anyone plus free promotion material lets see what they give this year.


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