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Post  whirlwind180 on Thu Jun 14, 2012 5:30 am

another point about the tap is if my darts bounce out and snap my points.. will you pay for them to be repaired.i would like to suggest instead of trophys why not have cash prizes as this would save the league a lot of money.also if teams win leagues or cups they should get the engraving done themselves as this would save the league 1000 pounds a year .i got some engraving done for 20 pounds.cash prizes as follows 4 league winners 100 pounds runners up 50 pounds ladys singles 50 and 25 pounds mens singles 50 and 25. pairs 50 and 25 mens and ladys 7s 70 and 35 5s 50 25 mixed pairs 50 and 25 dave headford 50 and 25 ladys 4s 40 and 20 doty lister30 15 landlords 50 and 25 secretarys 50 and 25 captains 50 and 25 landladys 50 and 25 ladys league x 2 100 and 50 this totals 1745 as apposed to nearly 4000 .surely this makes sense as everybody likes cash in there hand the feed back from players is that it is agreat idea .also it would encourage people to turn up to comps as greed sets in.one comment i got was we could put the money into a kitte for finals night.i would just like to point out to sarah that we appreciate your feed back and at least u care enough to answer our questions would you be prepared to stand for chairwoman as you seem to be honest


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