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Post  whirlwind180 on Thu Jun 14, 2012 1:16 am

i would like to let you know that there is a strong opinion from the dart players and landlords that we should form a breakaway league .which does not last so long and is fairer to all the pubs i must say that i do not agree with this as i think you will get it right in the end .it is about time that we had a non playing chairman who does not favour one pub over the rest.i dont know if there is anyone who might do this maybe it is time to look around this would resolve a lot of issues.i hope the league dont lose these teams as it might ruin the league .but iguess they just want it run fairley with all venues being cosideredinstead of one pub making all the money .why does sarah want to know who i am .i am just a concerned dart player who wants to see the league run properly and fairley.do you think it is fair that the brewery tap has 40 players one week 7s pairs singles and 32 players the next week.this is not fair as you well know. do something about it or else you may lose a few teams next year.


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