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Post  whirlwind180 on Tue Jun 12, 2012 1:31 am

i would like to point out that i have not attended a meeting .but i will this time the only worry for me is that i might get banned if i put my point of view as other people have .i shall bring along rules and regulations of an agm .if these are not adhered to the meeting will be stopped.this includesprofits and losses for last year including finals night so this meeting will not go ahead .as finals night has not happened.also i see we have a new person on line trying to defend the commitee.if the league was run properly there would be no issues to answer .also no one seems to answer my questions about the comps all being at the tap .i would suggest the dave headford be held at the black swan .there is plenty of room there two boards .the commitee seem to be filling the pockets of the landlord at the tap very suspicious.


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